Athletic Department Buys New Banners

State Champ new banners By Maranda Stotler

Eagle’s Eye Online

Delta High School will be changing soon from old to new. The Delta athletics department is coming out with new athletic banners for the accomplishment of each sports program.

These banners were the inspiration of Mr. Grant Zgunda, athletic director.

“We want to honor the teams and their accomplishments, and with the banners we have now, they don’t look professional,” Zgunda said.

Some of the old banners were not the right color, many had faded, and the years on some of the banners were not in the right order. Old state banner Some old banners had faded Out of order banner Some old banners had numbers out of order

The new banners will all be the same size and vibrant color of royal blue. The banners are made of a special fabric that won't fade over time.

The banners will take approximately 30 days to get here. The overall cost for the banners was around $5,000 and came from the athletic department funds.

“These banners are going to make the gym look more professional and clean. With having all the years in order and all of them being the same size, Delta High School gymnasium will look put together,” Zgunda said.

The size of the State Championship banners will be four feet by eight feet, the same as the old banners. All State Runner-Up banners will be six feet by three feet. New State Runner-Up banners

Each team then has a banner that lists sectional, regional, and semi-state titles. Those banners will be hung on the walls behind the bleachers, with the girls’ sports on one side of the gym and the boys’ sports on the other side. New team banners