Lack of Dance Team Disappoints Student Dancers

Dancers pose next to trophy case

Emerson Slopsema (left) and Tori King (right) had hoped to be on the Delta Dance Team.

By Delaney Pence
Eagle’s Eye Online

Delta High School has had a dance team for as long as most students can remember, but this year the school didn't because fewer than 10 girls tried out.

Jess Farmer, the previous dance coach, was stunned by the lack of participation. The dance team has been around for years with mostly a lot of participation. If the school brought back the dance team next year, would more people participate?

Freshman Tori King was one of the few girls who tried out in August and made the team. King was disappointed when she found out that not enough girls tried out and that there was not going to be a team for her first year of high school.

King has been dancing for 10 years before but she quit in seventh grade, so she was looking forward to dancing again. King plans to try out if there is a 2018-19 dance team.

Freshman Emerson Slopsema was also a dancer who tried out and made it. Slopsema was disappointed because she knew how much everyone wanted to be there, and she didn't think it was fair that they didn't get to have a team because of the lack of participation.

Slopsema is also a dancer at Dazzle Dance and Cheer in Muncie for the past 11 years. She said she is not sure if she would try out again because she's so busy now at Dazzle.

Some of the girls have tried to get in contact with their coach. King got ahold of her a couple months back to see if there was going to be a team next year. The coach responded that she wasn't sure, but if there is then there will be flyers and announcements about it so students will know.

If you are hoping to try out for the 2018-19 dance team, stay tuned to the announcements and be on the lookout for possible flyers.