Work Progressing on Academic Wall of Fame

Student poses with wall painting
Art Club student Terri Weber shows the work she and others have been doing on the new Academic Wall of Fame. 

By Madyson Cox

Eagle’s Eye Online

The Chick-fil-A Leadership Academy and the Art Club are working together at Delta High School to finish the Academic Honors Hallway by the end of this school year.

The Academic Honors Hall is an idea that sophomore Zac Stanley had at the end of last school year. Mr. Tim Cleland, journalism teacher and co-sponsor of the Chick-fil-a Leadership Academy, had previously mentioned the concept, and Stanley was among the students who developed it into an idea.

The hallway will contain a mural, a section talking about dual credits, students of the month, and some history of academic honors.

The mural is going to be on one side of the hallway off of the cafeteria, by the snack bar. At the top it will say “Why Settle When You Can…” and then there will be an eagle holding a book, which says “SOAR” in it. Also, at the top of the wall there will be two quotes.

They had this idea last school year and work started in the fall.

“It’s not like you can plan something overnight and expect it to achieve what you want it to,” junior Gavin Wilson said. “These things take several months to plan to make it go the way you want it to.”

Art Club members paint the wall every Monday and Wednesday after school.  Terri Weber, Faith Turner and Wilson are students who regularly paint the wall.

Stanley, Wilson, senior Lexie Manor  and juniors Allison Bell and Caroline Brown developed this idea because of all of the athletic achievements that are all around the halls. They wanted to display the academic achievements as well.  

These people are also involved in the Chick-fil-A Leadership Academy. The Chick-fil-A Leadership Academy is an organization that helps promote improvements in society through servant leadership.