Seniors Consider Many Factors in Making College Decisions

Girls sit on couch in UDHS college lounge
Grace Belangee (left) and Emma Snider are among many Delta HS seniors making college decisions. (Photo by Tynan Dishman)

By Tynan Dishman
Eagle’s Eye Online

Many seniors at Delta High School are in the process, or already have completed the process, of picking what college they would like to attend. Many of them would tell you that it isn’t the easiest process to go through.

You have to take into consideration the campus size, where it’s located, housing options, academic majors, and tuition fees. To some students this could be an easy decision, but to others it will be one of the hardest decisions they’ve had yet to encounter.

Grace Belangee, a current senior, has already made her decision to attend Butler University. She has had eight acceptance letters, including Butler.

When making her final decision to attend Butler, Grace said, “I kept in mind the dorm life, job placement rate, student atmosphere, and tuition fees. When I went on the visit, they treated me well and offered me a lot, and it just felt like home.”

Grace wants to major in Biology/ Pre-Optometry and believes Butler would be the best fit for her.

Emma Snider, also a senior, is in the process of choosing her college. She has been looking at many different colleges determining which one would be the best for her.

Snider said she would like to be involved in the Riley Dance Marathon and maybe even join a sorority. Emma wants to major in business, so she said Indiana University might be the best for her and there are many different organizations she can choose to join.

If you are struggling to find what college is best for you, try going to visit it. Grace went to visit Butler, and she loved it. Emma is still searching for the best college for her but plans to go on many visits.