Senior Cameron Webber Exceeds Expectations as BSU Intern

Student runs contest on BSU basketball court
Delta HS senior Cameron Webber helps run a dunk contest for youngsters during halftime of a Ball State men's basketball game in Worthen Arena.  

By Jacy Bradley
Eagle’s Eye Online

Delta High School senior Cameron Webber attends all of Ball State’s football and basketball games, but he isn’t there to hang out and watch the game. Cameron Webber Cameron Webber

Webber has responsibilities as an intern at Ball State University in the sports management area. Before the game, he has to make the script for the game and set up the promotions. When it’s game time, he has to help manage all of the promotions and also manage where the cameras will be.

Justin Phillips, director of corporate sales at BSU, said Webber is hardworking with all of the varying tasks he is given. Webber is tasked with many things that change all of the time. Along with the responsibilities he has in games, Webber has had the chance to work in ticket management, development of radio broadcast formats, product development, and introductory sales.

Phillips said that they look for ambitious interns with “go-getter” attitudes, and Webber fits that expectation.

“Cameron has taken that responsibility on and has gone far and beyond any of our expectations,” Phillips said. Webber on court at BSU arena Delta HS senior Cameron Webber watches a youngster try to dunk.  

Not every day is as hectic as game days. On off-days, he gets the chance to just chill with some of the players and hang out.

“When we aren’t really doing anything we’ll go into the film room with some of the basketball players and play some Fifa and just kind of chill,” Webber said.

There are many bonuses about being an intern at Ball State. Through his internship, Webber has had a chance to gain many connections throughout BSU. He said he was able to personally get to know the athletic director, Mark Sandy. He also gets the opportunity to know the coaches and players.

Not all students have the responsibility of working outside of school. Webber has the opportunity to work there and see what life will be like after he graduates.