Book Club Helps Students Share Their Love of Reading

Students discuss books in Book Club Students in Book Club discuss what they like about books they have been reading. By Adam Navarro

Eagle’s Eye Online

For those who love to read, Book Club is the place to be.

Book Club takes place in the Delta High School Media Center on selected Tuesdays and Thursdays during SRT.

This is the third year that Book Club has existed. Students get together and share their love of reading. “We have a decent sized group,” said librarian Mrs. Miranda Hummel.

She also mentioned that last year there was a bigger group. That was mainly because a majority of students attending last year were seniors.

She also said that a better job is needed of advertising it to the students. Hummel also recommended bringing a friend.

The group is led by junior Trenntin Stiner. Grace Foust serves as a backup to Stiner.

If interested in coming to Book Club, get an SRT pass from Mrs. Hummel.