2016 Graduate Tries Out for The Voice

Shelby Crouse sings By Kenzie Scudder

Eagle’s Eye Online

On Jan. 10, Delta graduate Shelby Crouse walked into auditions for The Voice for the second time in her life. This time around, it was in Indianapolis at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

Crouse fell in love with singing when she was a little girl just waddling around on the floor, still at that stage in her life.

“Since the day I could talk, my dad started having me sing in the karaoke shows he ran. Before I was born, he was in a band called ‘The Star 4’,” Crouse stated. Crouse plays guitar

This love only grew through her elementary and high school years, joining choir in the fourth grade at Eaton Elementary School and staying in it through her senior year of high school at Delta in 2015-2016. She is majoring in Music Education at Ball State University. Her father supported her every step of the way.

Performing means something different for each individual singer, according to Crouse. To her, it means the whole experience and seeing and feeling the effect it makes.

“It reminds me that I am doing a good thing, that I too can enjoy. The butterflies I get from that are always the best,” Crouse stated.

Butterflies can also be inhibiting for Crouse. As the nerves create “butterflies” it also creates less of an ability to maintain stable breathing.

“Each time I perform I get less and less nervous, which is what can hinder proper breath support. Not bad nerves, but (always) good nerves,” Crouse stated.

Though, both the fun and the difficulty of singing are what drew Crouse to stand in the rigid cold weather just to try out for The Voice, not once, but twice. The first time she tried out was two states over in St. Louis, Mo. Crouse doesn’t mind though, as she can meet and get to know people who are looking for the same goal as her, to sing.

The audition process is a long one, with three separate performances before you know if you’re going to be on the show, and only the last one has the judges from the show and is aired on TV. The first is by producers, where you are prepared with two acapella songs that describe the contestant as a singer. The next with accompaniment is a few days later, and then the tryouts that air on television.

Crouse has only gotten to the first round both times, but she isn’t discouraged.

“It doesn’t mean that I won’t keep trying.” Crouse performs a song

Crouse heard about the auditions being in Indy, which is what led to her trying out for the second time. Her voice had developed more than when she was only a freshman in high school the first time she auditioned.

Crouse encourages other young hopefuls to go after what they want.

“I would just like to say to anyone who has ever wanted to go for something like that (The Voice), to do it! You never know until you try and try again, and to never give up on your dreams!”