Addition to DHS Will Feature New Science Rooms, New Office

Southwest view of Delta High School

This is the view of the southwest corner of Delta High School where new offices and science rooms will be constructed in 2018 and 2019. No up-to-date blueprints are currently available. By Tanner Barber

Eagle’s Eye Online

The new $8.5 million expansion for Delta High School is going to give it a whole new look. This will start this summer and will take 12-18 months to complete.

From the southwest corner of the current building is where the new entrance and offices are going to be for Delta.  Right above it on the second level will be three new science rooms.  Along with that there will be a new parking lot.

The old science rooms are going to be converted into normal classrooms meant for the social studies teachers, and the old social studies classrooms are going to be converted into new science rooms.  In the end, there will be six new science rooms.

The science rooms will be similar to each other with no science rooms looking any different than the other.

Dr. Lance Brand, one of the three science teachers at Delta, said the new rooms will help enhance his instruction and keep him up to date.  He feels as though this will be very exciting for him and his students.

Although at times it may be a big inconvenience, principal Mr. Chris Conley said that it’s going to be a “long-term payoff.”

This project has been planned for a long time by Supt. Reece Mann to develop a safe and secure entrance to the school in addition to the new science rooms, which the administrators felt were small and out of date.

Tyce Stebbins was serving on the Delaware Community School Board for 10 years until he was hired as Director of Buildings and Grounds, or in simpler terms he’s the project manager. As a result Stebbins resigned from the School Board. He also will watch our spending of money on the project.

Visitors, parents, and legal guardians first will be buzzed into the new office.  Once in the office they then must be buzzed into the rest of the school a second time for additional security.