Coach Detweiler Seeks Stability for Basketball Program

Delta varsity basketball team
Head Coach Mark Detweiler (second from right in back row) and his Eagles are 15-5 as the season winds down.

By Adam Navarro

Eagle’s Eye Online

New head coach Mark Detweiler has helped the Delta boys’ varsity basketball team get off to a 15-5 start entering Thursday night’s away game at New Castle.

This is Coach Detweiler’s first season coaching Delta’s boys basketball after spending the previous 16 seasons as head coach at Union County. Detweiler says that “good pieces are here” in terms of talent.

He said that the two main keys to their success so far have been the team’s ability to move the ball on offense and their good zone defense. He also said that “we don’t battle egos”.

A 15-5 record is already an improvement from back-to-back 14-10 seasons under former head coach Ryan VanSkyock. Detweiler said that his goal was to develop a good program and that is happening.

Delta boys’ basketball hasn’t won a sectional game in six years. Hiring coach Detweiler could be the change the system needed. He averaged 17 wins per season in his last seven years at Union County.

The team has been able to do all of this with one senior, Ethan Shreve, on the team. Detweiler says that the team’s ability to play around star player Josh Bryan, who is currently averaging 20.4 points, two assists, 6.7 rebounds and two steals per game, has also contributed to the success of the team.  He is hitting 40 percent of his three-pointers for the season. Josh Bryan shoots a short shot
Junior Josh Bryan tries for a basket against Yorktown. He is averaging 20.4 points per game.

“I enjoy what I do,” said Detweiler when asked about how he feels to coach Delta. Coach Detweiler wants to translate that attitude into years of success.

He also runs a youth basketball program for boys and girls from grades K-5. They play games on the weekends. Detweiler hopes to provide stability to this basketball team.