Delta Preschool Benefits Both Older Students, Younger Kids

Preschooler enjoys her activity
A preschooler begins to put away her crayons. (Photo by Stashia Brannon)

By Stashia Brannon

Eagle’s Eye Online

Mrs. Marge Bowen started at Delta High School in 1975 as a teacher and shortly afterward started the Delta Preschool.

The preschool is a place where high school students who have completed Child Development and Advanced Child Development classes can sign up for Early Childhood Education and learn how to improve their ability to work with children, gain patience, and learn more applicable life skills.

The preschool is during third and fourth period of the day on Tuesdays through Fridays for 26 weeks throughout the year.

Mrs. Mackenzie Dye-Conley is the teacher of the Early Childhood Education class and the others needed to take Early Childhood Education. She teaches the high schoolers about the different aspects of the preschool and how to plan stories, lessons, sensory activities and decorations.

At the beginning of the year Mrs. Dye-Conley plans out the calendar and assigns each week a theme and a set of standards for the high schoolers to use to plan their lessons.

¨I like teaching these classes because I like having a balance of high schoolers and preschoolers,” she said. “ It’s a challenge, but it’s rewarding to watch such positive relationships form between them.”

The preschoolers come in and have a few minutes of free play and time to put their coats and backpacks away before they start circle time. They listen as the high schoolers read a story and ask questions.

Then the high schooler teaches a lesson that they came up with for a skill in math, English, social studies or science. After a snack break, it is time for fourth period, where the same thing happens just with different high schoolers and different lessons.  Then the preschoolers go home. Student reads with preschoolers

A preschooler colors with some high school assistance. (Photo by Stashia Brannon) “I like being in the preschool because I like to interact with them and help them learn the skills they need to go to kindergarten,” senior Haiden Waters said.

The high schoolers have the opportunity to work with children in a supported setting, where they can figure out whether they would enjoy a career that involves children. They also learn real life skills in how to manage difficult behavior, how to plan appropriate activities, and how to be a positive role model for children.

“It’s a little challenging because the preschoolers start to learn more advanced skills, but it is great to be around them,”  senior Lacey Herron said.

It's also good practice for any students who would like to be parents one day. The preschool is run mostly by the high schoolers with some help from Mrs. Dye-Conley.

If you would like to get your child into the preschool go to the Delta High School office to get an application. It is $50 for each semester and for the next child in the family it is half off the original price.

The preschoolers’ parents hear about the preschool from older siblings at Delta or from family friends that come to the preschool.