Kortney Helm: 9 Varsity Letters, 11 Injuries!

Kortney Helm in action on basketball court
Kortney Helm (40) gets open and wants the basketball in a game this winter.

By Tynan Dishman

Eagle’s Eye Online

High school sports can be one of the best parts about high school for many student-athletes. Many prepare for their sport weeks before the season even starts. It requires hard work and dedication to get to the varsity level.

Senior Kortney Helm, a three-sport varsity athlete at Delta High School, has put in hours upon hours of hard work to get to that level. She plays soccer, basketball, and tennis and has received nine varsity letters.

Unfortunately, she has suffered 11 injuries throughout her athletic career, basketball being the sport she gets injured in the most. She has had minor injuries such as an ankle sprain and major injuries such as tearing her ACL in her knee and breaking bones. Currently she is rehabbing from a severe ankle sprain. When that heals, she will join her tennis teammates for one last season at the high school level. Basketball teammate Carly Miller said, ¨I always hold my breath whenever she falls, and I hope that she didn't break anything.¨ Kortney Helm on crutches Kortney Helm uses crutches after an injury during a basketball game against Yorktown this winter.

Helm has had some brutal injuries, but when asked what has been her toughest, she said breaking both wrists and then having to have surgery on them.

Miller said,¨The hardest injury to help her through was definitely when she broke both of her wrists before basketball season of our junior year. It was the kind of accident that just made everyone feel bad for her and what she was going to have to go through to get back to where she was before the injury. I didn't mind helping her. What she needed during that time was support and encouragement to push through that and so I was just there for her whenever she needed my help.”

Helm had a concussion coming into basketball season that year and needed to pass a couple of other tests before the trainer cleared her to play. She had one last task, running sprints down and back the basketball court, before she could get cleared. She was almost done and then all of a sudden she blacked out and ran into the wall, causing her to break her wrists.

Helm has had a major support system getting her through her injuries. She said her friends and family support her and also her teammates and coaches have been a big help to her.

¨I have helped Kortney just by being there for her if she needs anything,” Miller said. “She is one of my best friends so I want to do anything I can to help.”

When asked why she still plays after getting hurt so often, Helm said, “It’s so much fun and I’ve done it for so long. I really don’t know what I would do without sports.”

When she is unable to play sports she said “It’s the worst feeling because you work so hard to get to play and it gets taken from you so quickly.”