NWEA Test Helps Teachers Assist Students

Miss Joey Gossett monitors testing
Delta HS assistant principal Ms. Joey Gossett administers NWEA Tests in the library. By Wilson Thomas

Eagle’s Eye Online

The NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association) test is administered to students multiple times every year at Delta. It is used to track student progress in English and math. The test is taken at the beginning, middle and end of every school year. Several Delta students have been taking the test during the week of Jan. 22-26.

The test is tailored to every student so if the student is not strong at math the questions get easier, and if the student is quite good at math then the questions get harder. Approximately 1,600 Delaware Community School Corporation students take this test.

Delta High School Principal Mr. Chris Conley said he thinks this test is beneficial because it gives teachers data in real time about students on an individual and classwide level. It enables the teachers to know what to help their students on.

The students start taking NWEA at third grade and continue until sophomore year. This test is taken throughout all the schools in Indiana.