Rivalries Spice Up the Intramural Basketball Leagues

Boys play intramural basketball

By Cameron Levers

Eagle’s Eye Online

For the non-winter season athletes, there is intramural basketball. Seven teams were created this year by a student captain. Teams of five to seven players come together at 7  a.m. most Saturdays during the months of December, January and February.

Matthew Schwer is a junior captain of a team of seven. Schwer is a league veteran, playing in his third year. His team has finished top four in each of the last two seasons.

Having rivals is a part of the game, but the rivalry between Schwer’s team, the Gopher Alliance, and Lea Daugherty's team, the Typos, is the biggest one in the league.

Mason Hunt, a member of the Gopher Alliance, said his favorite part of intramural basketball is making “Lea cry when we beat the Typos.”

At the end of the day, though, everyone returns back to being friends.

“We are all friends, but the trash talk and games are so heated,” Schwer said. “I find it pretty funny actually.”

The playoffs will begin mid February depending on the weather. Intramural players run up the floor