Students Have Different Spring Break Plans

Students point to USA map
Freshmen Payton Manus, Bray Stebbins and Alexis Randle point to where they are heading for Spring Break in late March. (Photo by Maranda Stotler) 

By Maranda Stotler

Eagle’s Eye Online

With Spring Break just around the corner many students are going to Florida, but here are three students that are out of the ordinary when it comes to Spring Break plans.

Delaware Community schools will begin the break on Friday, March 23.  Students return to school on Monday, April 2.

Freshman Bray Stebbins is going on a Cozumel Cruise to Mexico. He plans to snorkel, to eat a lot of food, and to swim.

His whole family had the idea to go to Mexico instead of last year’s choice of the Caribbean. Stebbins plans on leaving right after school on Thursday to leave for his vacation.

Freshman Alexis Randle also has different plans for spring break. She's going to Bedford, Iowa. She plans to visit her step-mother’s family.

When she gets to Iowa she wants to see a movie, shop at stores, and visit the nearby town. This year’s spring break plans are different from last year’s plans when she went to South Bend, Ind., to see a different part of her family.

Also freshman Payton Manus is going to Phoenix, Arizona. She is going to visit her grandparents. She plans to hike on Superstition Mountain, ride her grandma’s horses, go to a water park, and tan on their roof.

There’s only one part of Spring Break she’s not looking forward to. She plans on flying to Arizona by herself.

“Im scared of heights and crashing,” Manus said.