Students Make Schedules for 2018-2019 School Year

Mrs. Kunda, guidance counselor Guidance counselor Mrs. Cindy Kunda explains various scheduling options to students. (Photo by Gavin Wilson) By Gavin Wilson

Eagle’s Eye Online

As the 2018-2019 school year approaches, students choose their classes for next school year.

“(Students sometimes forget) classes should be chosen based on what is best for that individual student, not on what friends are taking or on what siblings have chosen in the past,” Guidance Counselor Mrs. Cindy Kunda stated.

Delta High School will offer 85 regular classes, 35 dual-credit classes, and 51 electives (22 Fine Arts and 29 Career and Technical Education electives). Study Halls will also be available for students who may need additional time due to extra-curricular activities or a job.

Incoming juniors and seniors have an option to attend the Muncie Area Career Center for morning or afternoon classes. Kunda stated “students need to keep a close watch on the number of credits they are earning and on their attendance,” because both are important when it comes to being able to attend the Career Center.

Incoming seniors also have the option to become an intern with different places throughout east central Indiana. This counts for two class periods per day.

The point of the internship course is to give students the opportunity to explore career areas in greater depth,” Kunda stated. “Juniors should have an idea of where to intern and in a career area that interests them.”

English teacher Mrs. Suzy Fox advises her own kids, senior Ryan Fox and freshman Lucas Fox, to take the necessary courses needed to graduate. She advises her kids to take a study hall, especially in their junior year because “junior year is the hardest.”

“I tell (my kids) if they are going to college to take dual-credit courses in the fields they are interested in. (However,) if they decide not to pursue college to take courses in the agriculture department because those classes are skill specific and beneficial,” Fox said. “Those jobs are becoming more in demand.”

Even though students already have made their class decisions, it is not too late for them to change their schedules, if wanted or needed. To avoid a fee, scheduling changes must be made before the start of each semester.

Students may change their schedule during the first five days of a semester for a $15 fee for each course changed.

Incoming freshmen made their schedules on Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan. 30 and 31.

Current freshmen made their schedules on Tuesday, Jan. 23.

Sophomores made their schedules on Monday, Feb. 5.

Juniors made their schedules on Friday, Jan. 26.