Best Friends (by Lexis Greer)

Everyone Needs a Best Friend
By Lexis Greer

Trust, loyalty, kindness and caring.

Best friends have always been the closest form of friends. 

Senior Elizabeth Pearson has been tight with her two best friends for 11 and 7 years. Her best friends are junior Maranda Stotler and senior Jaigen Glaze.

“There's never a dull moment with either of them,” Elizabeth said.
Three Friends
Friends Maranda Stotler, Jaigen Glaze and Elizabeth Pearson.

Friends come and go but best friends stick around . 

Her two best friends have been a major impact.

“They’ve supported me through breakups, tough times, my grades, and they support all the decisions I make even if they don't necessarily agree,” she said.
Friends sit
Maranda Stotler and Elizabeth Pearson hang out.

She said her favorite memory with Maranda is probably when she went to Florida with her on spring break. She went shopping and went to the beach.

“We had many laughs,” Elizabeth said. 

Her favorite memories with Jaigen are how he always picks her up and they sing along together to the High School Musical soundtrack and just drive around and have fun. 

“They both are so much fun to be around. They’re energetic, very funny and they know how to make me laugh,” Pearson said.

Friends together
Friends Jaigen Glaze and Elizabeth Pearson.

Sophomore Andrew Hewitt says trust is a main trait a friend has to have.

“If you cannot trust your friends or they cannot trust you, then there is no point in having friends,” Hewitt says.

His best friend is sophomore Maxx Martinez. They are best friends for a few reasons. First they live close to each other and share common interests. A third reason is that he's always there for Andrew. 

Maxx has helped him by always being supportive of Andrew in his music and as a person.

“I think all of the times that he's tried to help me flirt have been good examples of him being a good friend,” Andrew said.

Andrew and Maxx
 Friends Andrew Hewitt and Maxx Martinez.

Andrew and Maxx have been friends since the first week of eighth grade, which is when  Andrew moved here. Andrew said they enjoy each other’s company. 

“Maxx has definitely been a major support in my life because he was my first friend since I moved here and he’s stayed my friend to this day,” Andrew said.

Andrews' favorite memory with him was when they set up a projector by his pool and played GTA till around 4 in the morning. Another time, they pulled an all-nighter and watched a Rick and Morty marathon.

Haley and Abby

Friends Haley Blanchard and Abby Raleigh.

Sophomore Haley Blanchard believes that a good friend is somebody who will support you and is loyal to you. 

Haley’s best friend is sophomore Abby Raleigh. They have been friends for three years.

“I think it’s just because we get along so well,” Haley said.

A memory Haley enjoys is going up to the classroom of Abby’s mom, Mrs. Raleigh, in the mornings before school to hang out . Haley says she has been a major support . 

“She was my close friend throughout middle school, which was really a confusing and hard time for me,” Haley said. 

Her favorite memories are from all the bus rides with Abby to and from academic team meets. 

“I admire her drive and her loyalty the most,” Haley said.

Kalynn and Mabrey
Friends Mabrey Stebbins and Kalynn Logan.

Freshman Kalynn Logan's best friend is freshman Mabrey Stebbins.  What makes a good friend for her is someone who’s always there for you no matter what and has trust in you. 

“She  has helped me through family issues, deaths and never left my side until she knew I was okay,” Kalynn said . 

A memory they have is going on a cruise together . They have been friends since they were 5. 

“I believe we still are because we’ve never had separation, we’ve went to the same school and she has been by my side,” Kalynn said.

She supported Kalynn during deaths . 

“Everytime we hang out we make more memories so I don’t have a favorite,” she said.

She said Mabrey is kind, loyal and will stick up for her no matter what.

Friends Kalynn and Mabrey hang out together.

Best friends are people that you trust and tell all your secrets to. They are the first friends you think of for a trip. Best friends are people that everyone needs.