EZN Editor (by MarKayla Brosio)

EZN: Do You Have What it Takes?
By MarKayla Brosio

For 10 years now, Eagle Zone News has been a part of Delta. Some teachers may have known it as Delta Daily, which was its name before becoming Eagle Zone News.

For a year now we’ve had a hard working student putting together the news, weather and sports for Eagle Zone News. Using two class periods, senior Kenzie Reed has been editing the news on iMovie for all of Delta High School, trying her hardest to make it strong for teachers and students. 
Student at computer
Kenzie Reed works at editing the Eagle Zone News.

Kenzie started doing this in August of 2019 and continued up to March 2020 when school was closed. 

She got interested in editing the news her junior year when she was part of the Student Media Eagle Zone News class. She didn’t want to be on camera as an anchor or interviewer any longer because she was stuttering too much and got too nervous. So she decided to edit the news instead so she didn’t have to be on camera. 

“Kenzie picked up editing skills quickly and was a reliable and key part of the team. She was able to edit quickly and power through when things didn’t work without getting too frustrated. We will miss her,” communications teacher Tim Cleland says. 

To start the process, Kenzie said the hardest part to learn was trying to figure out how to import videos from the cameras to the computers. It took Kenzie about a week to learn how to do all the steps involved in editing the news.

“I had used iMovie on my phone a little bit before to learn,” Kenzie says. 

The students in the class use first period to gather and film the news, weather and sports, plus two interviews of students or teachers.  All of this is stored on two video cameras, which are then given to Kenzie at the end of the period.  During second period, she imports all the videos and pieces together the show on iMovie, then shares it so all the teachers have access and can show it to their classes during fourth period. 

In order for her to do this she did have to change her schedule for the first part of the day so she would have time to put it together. 

The one thing Kenzie says she can’t stand about having this job is when there are three or more takes and she has to sit there and watch the same thing over and over again. 

The hardest part about editing the news, according to Kenzie, is, “Camera and computer problems.” She has to find alternative ways to put things together and it takes longer. 

She has to be creative with the intros and putting music to it to get people's attention to want to watch it and using transitions make it interesting. 

She says her biggest mistake was not catching cuss words in the news or on a song lyric a couple of times and allowing those words to make it on the broadcast. 

Kenzie wants to go to college and be a sports news editor. Doing this in class has influenced her to try these things in college.