Grade "A" (by Kaleb Streyckmans)

Delta’s Student Recruitment Plaque

By Kaleb Streyckmans

You have likely seen it at least a handful of times. You probably did not know what it really was or what it meant. It’s that big, capitalized “A” letter, posted on a plaque that rests outside of our school. 

It’s our school’s letter grade. It is the state grade of “A” that the high school has maintained for seven of the eight past years.
Sign grade A
This sign is posted near the entrance to the gymnasium.

That school grade is composed of a number of different components. The components include ISTEP+ 10, improvement within scores compared to the 8th grade ISTEP, College and Career Readiness, having dual credits or work place certifications (MACC being an example), as well as the school’s graduation rate. Just graduating on time helps out our entire school’s grade!

The school’s grade is important because it allows the public to compare area schools. The school grade easily illustrates where the school currently stands, and it is showcasing that information in a plaque at the entrance of our school.

With the coronavirus pandemic giving us no in-class fourth quarter, no state testing, and no finals, some of the regular things involved with the making of the school grade have been messed with or eliminated completely this year. 

Due to this, we will not be receiving a new grade for this school year but instead will retain the “A” grade that the school currently holds (2018 - 2019).