Netflix and Quarantine (by Madisyn Sauve)

Netflix and Quarantine

What are the popular shows to watch right now?

By Madisyn Sauve

With being stuck in isolation most students go on social media or hang out with family, and many students also have been watching Netflix more.

Netflix has many shows and movies to choose from, but it seems like a lot of students are watching many of the same things. 

The first show that some students are watching while being stuck on lockdown is All American.

 “It’s based on a real story and some communities experience the same issues with gangs and racial acts,” freshman Jayanna Pounds says.

“I like it because it’s about accomplishing your dreams,” freshman Serenity Mance says. 

“All American has a pretty good plot line and never gets boring,” senior Lucy East explains. 

“All American because football is a fun sport and it’s cool to watch a show about it,” sophomore Andrew Hewitt says. 

“(All American is) pretty good and always leaves me on cliffhangers,” junior Neil Marshall says. 
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Another show people have been watching lately is TVD, also known as Vampire Diaries. Freshman Alaina Sherman says Vampire Diaries is good because “of the suspense and not knowing what’s going to happen next.” 

Junior Abigail Bamidele adds: “(Vampire Diaries is) based off of high school kids that go through a bunch of teen drama which makes it a relatable and interesting show to watch.”

A show that has come back strong is Stranger Things. Some students have been rewatching it because it’s so good.

 “It’s interesting and I like the characters in the show,” freshman Madison Weikel says. 

“I like that they have good plots that make me want to keep watching,” sophomore Janay Cicotte states.

An interesting experiment show called Love is Blind also has grabbed students’ attention. This show basically takes random people and tries to see if they can find their “true love'' just based on personality and trying to figure out if looks really matter. 

“It’s just interesting to see if people can really love someone with just their personality,” freshmen Alisha Fields says.

“Love is Blind is soooo cheesy, but extremely entertaining and funny,” Lucy East adds. 

Another show some of our Delta students watch is The Flash. A character named Barry Allen is the fastest man alive and chooses to save people with his power and teams up with star labs to make it happen. 

“I really like the characters and I like the story line,” sophomore Logan Anderson says.

“It is very action-packed which I enjoy,” Andrew Hewitt says. 

For some people it has affected how much they watch Netflix on a daily basis, and for others they have chosen to limit themselves,

 “I’m trying to limit myself to only one episode a day,” Bamidele says. 

“Surprisingly, quarantine hasn’t affected my Netflix consumption,” East says. “I find myself doing more school than watching Netflix.” 

 For others it keeps them up all night watching their shows and movies.

“I’ve been staying up very late binging shows,” Cicotte says. 

“Quarantine has made me watch Netflix more because I usually don’t have time to watch it but now I do,” Neil Marshall says.