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Delta High School has a long history of offering Dual Credit courses. These are courses which count for both high school and college credit.

In 2013 that history culminated in the formation of the


The 12th Endorsed Indiana Early College High School.



The University of Delta High School’s mission is to engage students in a comprehensive program that develops academic skills necessary for college success. The University of Delta High School will expose students, who are interested in post- secondary education, to career pathways along with the academic rigor necessary for college work. Dual credit classes will be offered in conjunction with Ball State University and Ivy Tech Community College. When students do make the decision to attend a college or university, they will have skills and college credits to help complete a degree. Students interested in the military will also find the dual credit program may benefit them with pay scale levels. Dual credit courses will work toward the Foundation Requirement courses at Ball State University, an Associate’s Degree from Ivy Tech Community College, a Certificate of Completion program from Ivy Tech, and the completion of the Indiana College Core from Ivy Tech Community College.  Students may choose to take dual credit courses from Ball State University during their junior and senior years of high school.  Ivy Tech Community College dual credit courses may be taken freshmen through senior years.  Dual credit offerings will be expanded as often as practicable to meet the goals of UDHS and the Indiana High School Diploma Requirements.


RESULT:  The Dual Credit opportunities available through the UNIVERSITY OF DELTA HIGH SCHOOL have resulted in many graduates being able to enter college with sophomore standing and thereby graduating from college early and/or adding a second major area of study, and saving thousands of dollars in the process.