School Musical Attracts Appreciative Crowds

School Musical Attracts Appreciative Crowds
Posted on 11/25/2016
Fiddler on the RoofLarge and appreciative crowds turned out for three days in mid-November as the Delta Troupers performed Fiddler on the Roof, a musical with a cast and staff of nearly 80 students.

This was only the third musical in the past 19 years, following Grease in 2013 and Cinderella in 2014.

This production featured the leadership of students in the program.  Junior Cameron Clevenger served as vocal director and oversaw vocal lessons for many of the cast members beginning in the summer months.  Senior Audree Speicher served as choreography director.

Speicher and senior Patrick McDonald performed starring roles, but this production stood out due to the contributions of dozens of theatre students in a variety of roles.

One patron who watched the performance submitted this unsolicited review:

"I would like to encourage  every one of you to make it your priority to go see DHS students perform "Fiddler on the Roof". I attended last night and the students were PHENOMENAL!  Since this is a favorite musical of mine, I have been lucky enough to see the play performed in 3 other venues including one with professional actors. DHS beat the professional group hands down!  You will find yourself laughing out loud, humming or singing along, and as I saw at the end of the play, shedding a few tears at the realization that these students that we see for a short period of our lives can come together as a group and take you away from your own lives for a few captivating hours."

Kudos to theatre teacher Mrs. Dawn Raleigh, French teacher Mr. Robert Stevens, and to the students and volunteers who helped bring this musical to our stage.

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