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The University of Delta High School

The Indiana College Core (ICC) is a certificate, issued by Ivy Tech Community College, consisting of a specific block (or group) of 30 credit hours agreed upon by academic representatives of the Indiana state public institutions of higher education toward general education requirements. 

The credits are guaranteed to transfer to another Indiana public college or university.  That's a guarantee backed by the Indiana legislature!  By design, the Indiana College Core (ICC) framework maximizes the transferability of a general education “package” from one campus or state institution to another. 30 credit hours are equivalent to your first year in college.

By taking specific Ivy Tech and Ball State University core courses at the University of Delta High School in your Junior and Senior years, you have the opportunity to complete the Indiana College Core.  You could earn your first year of college credits before you graduate high school!

For more on the benefits of the Indiana College Core and for a chart of UDHS courses that are available, see the links that accompany this page.