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Delta High School opened its doors in the Fall of 1967 as a consolidation of Royerton, Eaton and DeSoto high schools in the newly formed Delaware Metropolitan School District (changed to Delaware Community School Corporation in 1973).

The original Delta High School was the former Royerton High School building, located near the current playground equipment at Royerton Elementary School.  Students attended Delta High School there from the Fall of 1967 through 1974 before moving into the new Delta High School building for the 1974-1975 school year.

Royerton High School
Royerton High School (original Delta HS)

The new $7 million building offered more space, with 213,000 square feet.  This allowed Albany High School to join the consolidation.  The original enrollment was 1,140 students for the first year.  Ground was broken on the new building in March 1972 and the doors opened to students in September 1974.  State Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Harold Negley gave the dedication address at the new building in November 1974.

Delta High School 1974
Delta HS 1974

Prior to the 1967-68 school year, a committee was formed of 24 students (one boy and one girl from each of the four classes at Royerton, Eaton and DeSoto).  These students were tasked with selecting a name for the new school, as well as a mascot, colors, and a song.

Several names were discussed, including Nor-Del, Grissom, and Apollo.  Nor-Del was rejected because there already was a Wes-Del nearby.  Grissom, in honor of Hoosier astronaut Gus Grissom who had died in a fire, was given strong consideration, but the committee then learned there already was another Grissom in Indiana.  Apollo was another idea to honor the burgeoning space program.

One of the 24 committee members, Dale DeHaven, a freshman from DeSoto, then suggested Delta.  DeHaven said he came up with Delta by playing around with letters that were common to the three consolidating schools, Eaton, DeSoto, Royerton, and the word Delaware.  

Dale DeHaven
Dale DeHaven, 2016

Other members of the committee quickly voiced their support for the simple suggestion of Delta.  Contrary to popular belief, DeHaven said he did not make the suggestion because Delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet and is represented by a triangle, which would symbolize the three schools being consolidated.  "I was a farm boy from DeSoto," DeHaven said. "I didn't know anything about the Greek alphabet!"

After considering nicknames ranging from Astronauts to Cougars to Snakes and more, the committee settled on Eagles.  Principal John Stebbins, who allowed the students to make most of the choices without interference, provided guidance in one area: the selection of colors.  He suggested that the colors be different from all others schools in the area; as a result, navy blue and gold were chosen. 

A competition was held for the school song with all students eligible to make a submission.  Mary Jolliffe Kraack from the Class of 1968 composed the original school song which is still used today:

Fight on Delta Eagles
Fight for blue and gold --
We have the greatest team,
     courageous, true and bold,
                     Go Eagles
Eagles will conquer
Foes who'er they be --
To our Eagles who fight
      with all their might,
Here's a charge
... (trumpet) ...
                      to victory!

DeSoto HS
DeSoto HS

Eaton HS
Eaton HS

Albany HS
Albany HS